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Honeymooning in Thailand

Honeymooning in Thailand

After your wedding in Thailand, you'll naturally want to stay on in this amazing Southeast Asian paradise for your honeymoon. Most visitors think of Thailand as a little piece of heaven on earth, with it's untouched white sand beaches and glorious tropical warmth. While in Thailand you can spend your entire vacation in one locale, or travel around exploring different parts of the country. Make your decision based on your personal tastes and budget and whether you're traveling with children.

Thai Adventures

Enjoy a taste of Thai style adventure even before the wedding. You'll show up relaxed and invigorated if you've just spent a few days swimming, hiking, splashing in waterfalls and strolling with your fiancé along the beautiful white sand beaches. Sample some of out-of-the-way Thai destinations, where you can enjoy the country's lush natural beauty in privacy. After the wedding, some of your guests may also stay on for a longer vacation. Meanwhile you and your sweetheart can head by car, airplane, train or bus to see the sights on your first holiday as a married couple. You can visit national parks, rain forests, mountain villages and bustling cities, as animals and nature swirl together with world class shopping and dining at restaurant serving international gourmet delights.

All kinds of adventures await on your honeymoon in Thailand. Go snorkeling, learn to dive, ride an elephant, watch Thai boxing, canoe, play golf at a professional course or dance together on a moonlit beach, to give just a few examples. Keep in mind that Thailand is a big country and certain places are better suited to your choice of activities than others. An experienced wedding planner will give you suggestions about where to hold the wedding itself and how to spend your honeymoon in Thailand.

Traveling with Children

If you are going to be bringing small children along, a honeymoon based on hiking and camping in the mountains is not going to work. Try to plan for time swimming and splashing at family friendly beaches, as well as a few more adventurous child appropriate activities. Give yourselves as newlyweds a little alone time by arranging for a babysitter on site. Or you may prefer to have a relative along who can take the kids to the beach or the zoo while you and your new spouse catch up on your sleep.

Magical Thailand

Thailand is an enchanting place, full of opportunities to for unique experiences. Swimming with elephants may not seem so far out at the time, but when you get back home, you may end up pinching yourself to prove the whole thing wasn't a dream. Of course, if you pinch yourself a few days after your Thai honeymoon, you are likely to find your skin peeling from sunburn, definite proof you were there. If you would like the type of magical experience you'll treasure for the rest of your lives, a wedding in Thailand is for you.