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Marriage Laws in Thailand

Marriage Laws in Thailand

You don't necessarily need Thai legal documentation to arrange for a lovely wedding ceremony in Thailand. You can always tie the knot legally back home, and then come to Thailand for the celebration. But if it's important to you to have the real wedding ceremony in Thailand, you will need to check into the current laws and regulations before setting your date and making reservations. Contacting your local Thai embassy for this information is probably the simplest way. Another option, though, to find out what you need to take into consideration is to consult one of the very knowledgeable wedding planners who work in Thailand.


The Thai embassy nearest you can help with the paperwork you'll need to complete in order to get married legally in Thailand. They will give you the necessary documents, which have to be filled out completely and taken to a certified translator for translation into Thai. Then all the papers must be officially stamped at the Foreign Affairs office. You can take care of this through your country's embassy if you are already in Thailand. This may sound like a lot of hassle, but actually only takes a few days.

The Amphur

After you have all the papers ready and stamped, the next step is to take your documentation to the local District Registrar, or Amphur, of the place where you'd like to get married. If you plan to get married on Koh Samui, for instance, you will need to go through the Amphur for Koh Samui. On your wedding day the Amphur will present the documents and take care of getting your Thai certificate of marriage.

Certified Translation of the Certificate

In order for your Thai marriage certificate to be recognized back home, it will need to be translated into your own language. This must be a certified translation which will be accepted by your home country. You can wait till you get home to do this but it may be simpler and less expensive to get it done while you are still in Thailand. Make doubly sure that you have all the necessary documentation and that your marriage certificate will be recognized back home.

A Professional Wedding Organizer

Although it is not really all that complicated to organize a legal wedding in Thailand yourself, there are definitely advantages to having someone on the scene that speaks the language and knows their way around the system. Wherever you would like to get married in Thailand, you are likely to find a professional wedding organizer available who will take care of all the preparations. They will know what to do and take care of every detail on time. All you'll need to do is just sit back and relax, while you enjoy the anticipation of your wedding in Thailand.