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Your Wedding in Thailand with Guests from Home

Enjoy your Wedding in Thailand with Guests from Home

You might hesitate to get married in Thailand because you think your family and friends won't be able to attend. Of course you're not going to force anyone to travel all the way to the beaches of Thailand just to show up at your wedding, but you'd be surprised at how much easier your dream wedding can be than you might think. Just make sure you plan in advance and discuss your ideas with your loved ones.

Plan in Advance

If you'd like guests from home to come to your wedding in Thailand, naturally you'll need to let them know your plans well ahead of time. It may take some of your friends and family members six months to a year to budget for the trip. So be realistic about how long it's going to be before you can take your vows on the beach surrounded by your nearest and dearest. You'll also need to give some thought as to just whom to invite. If you ask too many people at first, you might end up with a tense situation on your hands, as everybody puts in their two cents' worth about when, where, how and so on. It's best to start off by just inviting your parents and siblings. Discuss the date and location with them first, and invite the other guests only when you have settled these important points.

An Affordable Wedding

Bringing a large group can actually be a money saver for you. There is a good possibility of getting a group discount, especially if you're planning the event at a place in Thailand where tourist weddings are common. Even if staying in a luxury resort is beyond your means, you can always find budget hotels and bungalows right near the beach. Your group can all stay in the same place, just minutes from the spot on the beach where you would like to say "I do." Remember that, in general, prices in Thailand tend to be surprisingly low, meaning that a Thai wedding may actually work out cheaper than a comparable event back home. If your family needs more convincing, you can always ask them to buy their air tickets in lieu of an expensive wedding present for you.

Consider Guest's Needs

When a wedding in Thailand involves bringing guests from home, the focus is not concentrated only on you, the couple, who are looking for an unusual and exotic to tie the knot. Instead, you have to make sure that all your guests will have a good time. Let the wedding planner know about any special needs or requests. If you'd like the ceremony to take place on board elephants for example, think about wheredear old Auntie Sue and Uncle Jim are going to sit. They might not findan elephant's back the most comfortable spot...