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Your Wedding in Thailand

Experience your Wedding in Thailand

A wedding is a lovely occasion in theory. But organizing the actual ceremony and the reception afterwards can get very tense and complicated. When you hold your wedding in Thailand, though, you can focus on the event itself, rather than on the guest list and the wedding hall. Go ahead and invite all your family, friends and acquaintances. The people who mean the most to you will attend, and anybody who's just out for a free dinner is not likely to travel all the way to Thailand toget one.

Even if you've just been toying with the idea, start thinking seriously about having your wedding in Thailand. It's really quite doable and will actually end up saving you money.

Wedding Memories

What would you like to remember about your wedding day? Everyone has heard stories about weddings that were bogged down in petty details who was or was not invited, people who didn't show up, complaints about the costs and the service... the list goes on and on. Even though your celebration is not likely to make the headlines, you want your wedding, the day you have always dreamed of, to be memorable. A wedding in Thailand guarantees you happy memories that will last you a lifetime. Of course, the main thing is how you and you beloved will remember this day. But it's still a good idea to book a professional photographer/videographer. This will help keep your memories fresh and also document the ceremony for friends and relatives who are not able to make the trip to Thailand. While you are still at home, check the credentials of any professional you are considering hiring. You'll be much calmer and better able to make a clear headed decision than after you are already in Thailand and busy with last minute preparations.

Honeymoon Right There

One of the great things about getting married in Thailand is that you don't have to travel far for your honeymoon. You're already in paradise. Of course, you'll need to decide whether to just stay on in the area where you got married or to travel around. There is an incredible variety of things to see and do in Thailand. As a couple, you'll find it quite easy to get around the country by local buses or trains. You can book the whole trip from home, if you like, but do leave enough time for each place you plan to visit, as well as some flexibility for changes. For example, you should allow an entire day at the very least to see Bangkok. The morning after the wedding you may wake up tired and a little stressed, so you can plan to spend that day relaxing on the beach. A massage in the shade of a palm tree might not be a bad idea.

Choosing the Right City

You'll have a number of exciting destinations to choose from when you are organizing your wedding in Thailand. Beach towns like Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Chang or Koh Samui may be right for you if you prefer a pristine white beach to the busy streets of Bangkok. Think carefully about your personal vision of your wedding and honeymoon. How do you want to spend your trip - swimming and sunbathing or hiking through the rain forest and playing in the waterfalls? You can sit down with your fiance and do your homework by looking at photos and reading descriptions of Thailand's vacation spots. This will give you a much clearer idea of which place is right for the two of you. Then you'll be ready to make your reservations and start organizing what you can from home.

In order to make your trip less expensive, you may choose to book off season, but don't forget that the weather will be much less dependable. When you're standing on the beach in your long gown or tuxedo, a sudden monsoon rainstorm is an unwelcome surprise. For such an important occasion, you'll be better off going when the weather is consistently sunny and clear. Don't worry about arranging for the decorations, hairstyling, makeup and such details before your trip. These are all readily available on site, with professional, reliable service.

One of the greatest advantages of having your wedding in Thailand is that you can hire a local professional wedding planner to do much of the organizational work before you arrive. Your job will be to take care of all the legal documentation. With you and the wedding planner each doing your part, you can look forward to a beautiful, smooth running ceremony. It's important to let the planner in on your vision of exactly how you would like your special day to be. Then she can help you with all the details, from where you and the wedding party will stay, to arranging for the perfect spot on the beach for your ceremony.

So stop just dreaming. You have found the partner of your dreams. Now go ahead and have the wedding of your dreams, on the beach by moonlight or with the dazzling sun reflecting off the azure sea. You wedding in Thailand can become a reality if you are just willing to make it happen.